Welcome to Brazil, a continental-sized country where "diversity" best defines its broad possibilities for the expansion of knowledge and which has always been the object of scientific and cultural research.

Colonized by Europeans, Brazil has strong African and native-American components which result in a social and cultural blend seldom found in other countries.


One of the world´s largest economies, Brazil also holds significant portions of untouched, pristine environments and is home to one of the largest biodiversities found on Earth.


Along the country, human pressure caused mainly by economic development acts upon the balance of important “global critical issues” like water and energy availability, wealth and land distribution and urban planning among others, creating a very favorable scenario for a wide range of possibilities concerning the study of Earth Sciences and Environmental & Social Sustainability.


Demian Topel has been designing and leading tailor-made educational programs in Brazil since 1997 (see more at About us). 
Groups of foreign students first came in 2001.
We have a deep knowledge of Brazil and a long-time experience in matching our groups´ demands with the country´s immense potential in order to deliver life-changing experiences. 

We have very good ideas!


Short-term (one to four weeks) tailor-made programs for high-schools and universities in search of practical opportunities to expand their knowledge and get deeper into Brazilian Studies.

Logistics and Support

Although it may sound strange, we actually do not want you to feel at home on your trip to Brazil.

Our goal is to make you feel like part of a new scenario, interacting with interesting people, traveling over wonderful landscapes and experiencing situations and sensations that not always are a reality back home. Comfortably. Happily. Safely.


With that target in mind, we design our programs contents and logistics in order to connect all activities in the most logical and efficient way.


The full solution

Delivering reliable, top-notch services, taking care of accommodation, meals, transportation and, of course, all technical visits, Bluerivers offers a smooth stay so you can concentrate on what really matters: your educational experience! 

Partnering locally

Bluerivers strives to include local initiatives in its programs and, whenever possible, we partner with serious NGOs and local micro entrepreneurs such as guides, educators, artists, cooks and other qualified service providers.

We feel that this partnership is a very important tool to ensure sustainable local income generation while adding precious native knowledge to the trip.

Sustainability and Earth Sciences

Brazil is a hotspot when it comes to studying the concepts of environmental and social sustainability.

Matching the “progress versus conservation curve” while ensuring quality of life is one of the country´s biggest challenges.

Based on 21 years designing educational programs in natural environments in Brazil, we offer a wide range of possibilities for the visiting group to witness and experience real-life situations where the relationship between Man and the Environment ranges from harmonious to critical.

Specific programs related to Climate Change, Biodiversity, Ecology, Agribusiness, Biofuels etc can be designed according to the group´s preferences.

Designing your Program

Bluerivers will carefully plan your itinerary, selecting the adequate activities and working on the logistics in a cost-effective way.

Along this process, we will work in tune with your institution in order to deliver the best possible experience.

We will place you exactly where the action is!

Bluerivers runs educational programs in most of the Brazilian territory.

Bring us your ideas, we´ll design the best possible program together.

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