At Bluerivers our mission is to exceed your expectations. 
Every detail is cared for in order to make your trip the most pleasant and gratifying one.

Our field-team comprises professional and experienced guides, always prepared to host the travelers in a happy, reliable and safe manner.

Bluerivers has no “off-the-shelf” packages to offer. Our itineraries are tailor-made, carefully designed considering the real needs and profile of each traveling individual or group.

To achieve our goal, we rely upon our expertise of more than 20 years creating special trips in natural environments in Brazil.

The Amazon
The unfathomable green, rivers whose banks disappear in the horizon, centennial trees. This is the Amazon, one of man´s last frontiers on earth, where the constant alternation between silence and the astonishing sounds of the forest inhabitants is mesmerizing.

Starting from Manaus or Belém, Bluerivers takes you cruising along the Negro, the Tapajós and other major rivers and its tributaries aboard specially designed, exclusive boats, which are a mobile, cozy way of getting to the less popular areas of the exuberant rainforest. From the base-boats, canoes and cayaks are the best means to explore the igarapés, the smaller water courses that wind into the igapós, the labyrinths formed by the flooded forest. A truly amazing experience! 

Comfortable jungle lodges are also available in the region, and can be reached by land transport or by boat. From the lodges, smaller motorboats will take you deeper into the lesser tributaries. Nocturnal spotlighting by boat along the riverbanks is a thrilling adventure! 

Snorkeling with river-dolphins, trekking in the forest, sunsets over white-sand river beaches, visits to local communities… Bluerivers´ itineraries offer a perfect blend of sensations in this breathtaking, incredible corner of our planet.

Best season: From August to February
Ideal length of trip: minimum of 4 nights

Images: Katerre /Daniel Topel / Demian Topel

Bonito, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, appeared as an ecotourism destination in the beginning of the nineties. Meaning “beautiful” in Portuguese, this town and its surroundings could not have received a better name. The region was awarded for 11 consecutive times ”The Best Ecotourism Destination in Brazil” by a specialized Brazilian magazine.  

In the heart of the Cerrado, the Brazilian correspondent to the African savanna, Bonito is a must-see destination for every nature lover visiting Brazil. 
Exploring Bonito means snorkeling in blue, crystal-clear rivers teeming with life, where the concept of biodiversity can be understood at once. Fish of all sizes and colors are our companions while we drift-dive downriver. 
On land, with a little luck, close encounters with giant anteaters, armadillos, monkeys macaws, parrots and even the mysterious anaconda are common, due to the proximity to the fauna-rich area of the Pantanal.

Trekking along natural pools and visits to unique, beautifully decorated limestone caves compete the program.

Also, more technical activities such as cave-diving and rappel are available.

Best season: All year around, with the drier season being from April to October, depending on the year. Cold fronts can appear in July and August, when night temperatures may drop to around 5ºC, and usually last for 3 or 4 days.
Ideal length of trip: minimum of 4 nights

Images: Daniel De Granville / Marcelo Krause

Chapada dos Veadeiros
The Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park is located in the state of Goiás, at nearly 300 km (190 mi) from the national capital, Brasilia, in a portion called “The Brazilian Central Plateau”. Easily reached by land transportation from Brasilia, this amazing savanna-like region was acknowledged as a Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001. 

Cut by winding rivers and their stone palisades, the Chapada is a perfect spot for adventure activities such as rappel and canyoning along breathtaking cascades and waterfalls, performed under the supervision of professional and thoroughly trained guides. 
Transparent, natural pools invite the visitors to a refreshing swim after trekking journeys that can last from 1 to 8 hours in areas filled with twisted trees and endemic species of flowers and birds. Sunsets here are a masterpiece!

The Chapada is also home for traditional communities, some being formed by descendants of African slaves that resisted their captors and sought for shelter in the Cerrado environment. Called quilombos, these communities can be visited and add a special touch to the trip.

Small lodges provide cozy accommodation in the towns of Alto Paraíso and São Jorge.

Best season: All year around, with the drier season being from April to September, when rivers are even more transparent. In winter (JUN thru AUG), temperatures may reach 30ºC during the day, dropping to around 15ºC at night. Perfect weather for a night trek under the moon and stars!
Ideal length of trip: minimum of 3 nights


Images: Daniel De Granville / Caiman Ecological Refuge /Demian Topel

Caves & The Atlantic Forest
Brazil hosts many significant speleological provinces, each one with its special features.

Bluerivers itineraries are performed in the Alto Ribeira State Park (PETAR) and its surroundings, located in the southwest of the state of São Paulo, at approximately 350 km (210 mi) from the city of São Paulo. Easily reached land transportation, this very delicated area holds a significant portion of what is left of the Atlantic Forest.
More than 200 caves lay scattered over this lush, tropical environment, many of them open for visitation. 

Some caves have rivers running inside, while others are fantastically decorated with stalactites, stalagmites and other impressive limestone formations that defy our imagination, created by water action over thousands of years.
When we turn off our lights inside a cave, as our vision suddenly decreases, other senses arise, making this “blackout” experience an unforgettable one…    

Trekking over the forest while moving from one cave to the other, with strategic stops at crystalline natural pools and waterfalls, is a great way of exploring the PETAR, always with trained local guides providing comfort and safety.

Best season: All year around, with the drier season from May to September. Between November and March some caves may be closed due to the increase in volume of the rivers, caused by rain.
Ideal length of trip: minimum of 2 nights (weekends)

Images: Parque Aventuras Petar

Images: Ion David

The Pantanal
The planet´s largest and richest freshwater wetlands 

Comprising an area larger than England and Scotland together, the wetlands of the Pantanal are among the most important, still conserved wildlife sanctuaries in our planet, where the main attraction are the very close encounters whit its diverse and unique fauna. 
Already used to the seasonal floods as well as to the drier periods, the “pantaneiro” is a genuine example of man´s adaptation for survival.
Being in the Southern Pantanal (state of Mato Grosso do Sul), or Northern Pantanal, our trip companions will be capybaras, caimans, deer, tapirs, birds of all kinds, colors and sizes, and, with a little luck, the Pantanal´s “big two”: the mysterious anaconda and the elusive jaguar!

Bluerivers has special options of photo-safaris for those who are interested in clicking unique wildlife shots, tutored by professional nature photographers.
On horseback, safari trucks, trekking or canoeing,
Bluerivers will put you face-to-face with this fantastic place.
Lodging is in traditional farms, giving the trip an extra regional touch.  
Best season: From May to October (this season may vary according to the year´s rain conditions).
Ideal length of trip: minimum of 3 nights

Beaches & The Atlantic Forest
When it comes to beaches, Brazil is a privileged country. Of the more than 8 thousand kilometers on the Atlantic Ocean, we can say that some of the most beautiful beaches lie on São Paulo state´s North Shore, starting at 150 km from the city of São Paulo, passing through the island of Ilhabela and reaching up to the southern tip of the state of Rio de Janeiro, in the area of the historical town of Paraty.
In this region, the green Atlantic Forest meets the blue ocean, forming amazing landscapes, creating a perfect scenario for a handful of activities such as sailing, kayaking, trekking on the forest, diving, surfing or simply lying on the oceanfront counting seagulls.
How about exploring the islands on Hawaiian canoes or sailing to the desert sand strips of Ilhabela?
Bluerivers takes you there! 
Very charming “pousadas” (inns) and sophisticated hotels, as well as gourmet seafood restaurants guarantee a very comfortable and delicious experience. 
Best season: All year around, with the drier season from May to October. Rainy (but hot) season between November and March.
Ideal length of trip: minimum of 2 nights (weekends)

Images: Demian Topel / Tomás Guidotti / BL3